Over seventeen years, as Secretary and Warden of Adelaide University Union, and as General Manager of the then Parks Community Centre, Ralph Middenway was in-house editor for reports, minutes, submissions, brochures, newspaper articles, journal articles, press releases and so on.

Aside from this day-to-day work, he has edited inter alia the Wagner Society Newsletter, containing a series of essays on composers Wagner, Strauss and Verdi.


Parsifal - (Site copyright Ralph Middenway)In 2001 he edited jointly with Wagner scholar Emeritus Professor Brian Coghlan a book of essays, timed to coincide with the State Opera production of that opera. Brian collected the 'talent' (Wagner authorities from Europe and Australasia), coordinated their individual efforts, translated as necessary and himself contributed.

Ralph edited the essays, designed the book and formatted it electronically for publication. Using Sibelius music software, he transcribed musical examples for inclusion in the text, from which he made a set of wave files and burnt a master for the accompanying CD.

He also contributed an introductory essay
- Dance of the Seven Veils, and another on
Parsifal, the Symbolists and Pelléas and Mélisande.

The first edition is sold out but may be found in some good libraries.


Also in 2001 he edited a lengthy (and successful) submission to Heritage SA, a feature article which appeared in the RAIA journal and, to working draft stage, a set of professional memoirs.

Although he is fluent only in English, he routinely manipulates text in other languages, such as Latin, French, German, Swedish, Danish and so on.

Japanese: he neither speaks nor reads but can manage Romaji in English texts.

He understands enough about the elementary structure of the language, and about Japanese history and social attitudes to cope with general material written in English.

Images like the samples on the right could be used on a
business card or letterhead.

For example, the two boxed kanji signify respectively
editor and composer.


The third sample can be read as Year of the Monkey.
(In this personal context it signifies 1932).

The fourth sample is from his personal 'seal', a gift from a friend in Japan.
(The kanji read naka michi = middle path, i.e. Middenway).

Text in Cyrillic and IPA alphabets are OK in moderate doses.


He is available for non-fiction editing commissions of various sorts, including:

  • doctoral theses (within his areas of competence—he has edited perhaps ten, all successful), learned articles and essays (see Monograph link for a self-generated example)
  • professional job applications where intelligibility is more important than impenetrable jargon e.g. teachers, public administrators, social administrators
  • professional memoirs within fields where he 'speaks the language', i.e. consistent with the contents of this website (see Dear X)
  • reports and submissions
  • family & other informal histories, including polyglot components (see Family Origins)
  • instruction manuals intended for lay use 
  • brochures and programmes
  • journals and textbooks (see Style)

but excluding: 

  • publishing any document or web page
  • any responsibility for the accuracy of any information provided by any client
  • any genealogical research
  • any responsibility for meta-links
  • any liability for any consequence of the publication or distribution of any document
  • any legal document
  • any financial document
  • any arts funding application
  • any request for the use of any copyright material
  • any Microsoft Power Point presentation - but help with preparation is OK, and he’s been on the receiving end of so many awful presentations that his editorial standards are well-honed.


Enquiries are welcome.